Cost of project, Function Point – software engineering

Cost of project, Function Point – software engineering

Question 1 UGC NET June-2020  
A Software project was estimated at 864 Function Points. A six person team will be assigned to a project consisting of a requirement gathering person, one designer, two programmers and two testers. The salary of the designer is ₹70,000 per month, requirement gatherer is ₹50,000 per month, programmer is ₹60,000 per month and a tester is ₹60,000 per month. Average productivity for the team is 12 FP per person month. Which of the following represents the projected cost of the project?
A – ₹33,20,000
B – ₹43,20,000
C – ₹33,10,000
D – ₹22,10,000

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Answer – B

Given that ,
–> Total Function points = 864 FP
–> Team = 6 person
–> Average Function points= 12 FP per person month.
–> projected cost =?
we have to first calculate in how many month a team will completed their task ,then calculate what is the cost of the project?

In a 6 member team,
–> one person is Requirement gatherer
–> one person is Designer
–> two person is Programmers
–> two person is Testers

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