Practice Set

Practice Set UGC NET paper 1 previous question papers with answer key

NOTE: (i) Each Section gets equal weightage : Five questions and 10 marks each section.
(ii) Whenever pictorial questions are set for the sighted candidates a passage followed by equal number of questions should be set for the visually handicapped candidates.

UGC NET Paper 1 Subjects And Topic Wise Previous Question papers

☞JUNE 2020 Questions From Comprehension Topic.
A Passage to be set with questions to be answered.
☞JUNE 2020 Questions From Reasoning Topic.
Number Series
Latter Serise
Logical Reasoning
Understanding the structure of arguments: argument forms, structure of categorical propositions, Mood and Figure, Formal and Informal fallacies, Uses of language, Connotations and denotations of terms, Classical square of opposition.
Evaluating and distinguishing deductive and inductive reasoning.
Venn diagram: Simple and multiple use for establishing validity of arguments.
Indian Logic: Means of knowledge.
Pramanas: Pratyaksha (Perception), Anumana (Inference), Upamana (Comparison), Shabda (Verbal testimony), Arthapatti (Implication) and Anupalabddhi (Non-apprehension).
Structure and kinds of Anumana (inference), Vyapti (invariable relation), Hetvabhasas (fallacies of inference).
Data Interpretation
Sources, acquisition and classification of Data.
Quantitative and Qualitative Data.
Graphical representation (Bar-chart, Histograms, Pie-chart, Table-chart and Line-chart) and mapping of Data.
Data Interpretation.
Data and Governance.

Unit- VIII
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
ICT: General abbreviations and terminology.
Basics of Internet, Intranet, E-mail, Audio and Video-conferencing.
Digital initiatives in higher education.
ICT and Governance
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