What is Data Structure?

Data structure is a way to data organizing, management, and storage format that Enables efficient access and modification.

Organizing data in memory.

Data structure is a collection of data values.

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Types of Data Structure
Types Of Data
Primitive Data Structure
Int, char, float, double, and pointer are the primitive data structures that can hold a single value. The primitive data structures are predefined data types.

Non Primitive Data Structure

non-primitive data structure is two types: Linear Data Structure And Non Linear Structure

Linear Data Structure The arrangement of data in a sequential manner is known as a linear data structure.
One element is connected to only one another element in a linear form

Linear Data Structure

Examples of Linear Data Structure – arrays, linked list, Queues, Stack.

Non Linear Data Structure Non-linear data structure elements are arranged in a random manner. One element is connected to the ‘n’ number of elements then we can say a non-linear data structure

Examples Of Non Linear Data Structure

Why We go for the Non Primitive Data Structure Limitation on size & value.

Basic Operations on Data Structure





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