Communication characteristic

Communication Characteristic

In this tutorial, we will discuss the Characteristic of Communication.

There is some most important characteristic of good communication.

1.Two-way process.


3.Common language.

4.Communication is all-pervasive.

5.It can’t break down.

6.Communication is not universal panacea.

7.It is learnt ability.

8.Exchange of Ideas.

9.Social process.

10.Direct and Indirect Communication.

1.Two-way process.

1.Two-way process:

Communication is essentially a two-way process. It is not only sending and receiving messages, it is incomplete until the message has been understood by the receiver in the same sense.



It is not a static act, but it is a dynamic process of action and interaction towards the desired goal. Communication is an endless process, we can’t freeze it at any moment.

3.Common language.

3.Common language:

Firstly, the receiver should understand the sender’s message to make the communication successful. Sender and receiver must have a common language to interact with each other and to develop a better understanding between the sender and the receiver of a message.

4.Communication is all-pervasive.

4.Communication is all-pervasive:

Communication is present everywhere, in all human relationships, and found at all levels. In all types of management and organizations, Lower levels of management provide information to the middle level. It is further provided to the top level in the desired format that helps in decision-making. Top-level issues instructions to the middle and lower levels.

6.It can’t break down.

5.It can’t break down:

There can be barriers in communication, but they can’t be broken down. It is a continuous process.

7.Communication is not universal panacea.

6.Communication is not universal panacea:

it is always not to cure or solution of every problem or situation in our lives.

8.It is learnt ability:

7.It is learnt ability:

Most people are born with the capacity and ability to communicate, but everyone communicates differently. This is because communication is learned rather than innate (inherited). It is not a natural.

9.Exchange of Ideas:

8.Exchange of Ideas:

Communication cannot be thought of in the absence of an exchange of ideas. In order to complete the process of communication there must be an exchange of ideas, orders, feelings, etc., among two or more than two persons.

10.Social process:

9.Social process:

It is a social process.

11.Direct and Indirect Communication:

10.Direct and Indirect Communication:

It is not necessary for communication that the receiver and giver of information should be face-to-face with each other. Communication can be both direct and indirect. Direct communication means face-to-face conversation, while indirect communication is through other means.

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