CUET PG Computer Sciences Syllabus MSc | MCA [PGQP26]


25 multiple choice questions ask from this section.

1. English.

2. General Awareness.

3. Mathematical Aptitude and Analytical Skills.


75 objective questions from this section.

Basic Mathematics:

Set theory: Venn diagram, set operations, mathematical induction, functions and relations.

Algebra and linear algebra: Theory of equations, complex numbers, matrices and Determinants.

Real and complex analysis: Basics of limit, continuity, differentiation, integration, elementary
differential equations, series and sequences and their convergence, Analytic functions, Cauchy Riemann equations, complex integration, Cauchy’s theorem and formula, power series and their convergence, Taylor and Laurent series, beta and gamma functions, Laplace and Fourier transforms.

Combinatorics: Sum and product rules, permutation, combination, recurrence relations, pigeonhole principle, principle of inclusion and exclusion Probability and statistics: Mean, median, mode, basic notion of probability, expectation, variance and standard deviation, discrete and
continuous probability distributions, binomial, Poisson and normal distributions, conditional probability and Bayes theorem.

Digital Logic:

Switching theory: Boolean algebra, logic gates, and switching functions, truth tables and switching expressions, minimization of switching functions, Karnaugh map.

Combinational logic circuits: Realization of Boolean functions using gates and multiplexers Sequential m/c model: Flip-flops, basic design of counters.

Basics of Programming:
The student should be familiar with the basic concepts of programming and should be able to write programs involving the following concepts in any one of the following languages: C, C++ or Java. Conditional constructs, iteration (loops), function or method call, recursion, recursive
decomposition of a problem.Basic notions of space and time complexity Parameter passing mechanism, scope, binding.

Data Structure: Arrays, lists, stacks, queues, binary tree, binary search tree, Basics of searching and sorting, Graph and its representation.

Database Management System: ER Diagram, SQL queries.

Computer networks: Network Fundamentals and Communication.

Operating system: Memory management and Scheduling.

Design analysis and Algorithm: Divide and Conqure, Greedy Approach, Dynamic Programing,Branch and Bound.

Software Engineering: Models.

CUET PG Computer Science MCA,MSc,

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Section – 2 (Computer Science Part
Basic Mathematics:Digital Logic:
Basics of Programming:Data Structure:
Database Management System:Computer networks:
Operating system:Design analysis and Algorithm:
Software Engineering:

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