On an average the programmer months is given

On an average the programmer months is given On an average, the programmer months is given by 3.6 * (KLOC) 1.2 . If so, a project requiring one thousand source instructions will require? i➥ 3.6PM ii➥ 0.36PM iii➥ 0.0036PM iv➥ 7.23PM Answer: Option I Easy Explanation by SamagraCS Team: Definition: Basic COCOMO Model The basic …

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cuet pg

CUET PG Computer Sciences Syllabus MSc | MCA [PGQP26] PART-A 25 multiple choice questions ask from this section. 1. English. 2. General Awareness. 3. Mathematical Aptitude and Analytical Skills. PART-B 75 objective questions from this section. Basic Mathematics: Set theory: Venn diagram, set operations, mathematical induction, functions and relations. Algebra and linear algebra: Theory of …

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ugc net 2022

ugc net 2022 Registration of Online Application Form for UGC-NET Dec. 2021 & June 2022 (merged cycles) The activity schedule of December 2021 & June 2022 Submission of Online Application Form 30 April 2022 to 20 May 2022 (upto 05:00 P.M)Click here Registration for exam Last date for submission of Examinationfee (through Credit Card/ Debit …

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