Frame offset is reserved for number of bits

Read the following and answer the questions:
Consider a machine with 16 GB main memory and 32-bits virtual address space, with page size as 4KB. Frame size and page size is same for the given machine.

The number of bits reserved for the frame offset is __________?
i➥ 12
ii➥ 24
iii➥ 28
iv➥ 34
Answer: Option I 


Page size = 4KB = 212.

Formula used,
Page offset = ⌈log2⁡(page size)⌉,
Frame offset = Page offset.

Page offset = ⌈log2⁡(212)⌉
             = ⌈12*log22⌉ 
             = ⌈12⌉
             = 12 bits

Note:  log22 = 1
Frame offset = Page offset = 12 bits
Therefore, 12 bits is reserved for the frame offset.                         

So, Option(I)is correct. 

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