GATE CSE 2021 SET 1 | Computer Network
Consider two hosts P and Q connected through a router R. The maximum transfer unit (MTU) value of the link between P and R is 1500 bytes, and between R and Q is 820 bytes.
A TCP segment of size 1400 bytes was transferred from P to Q through R, with IP identification value as 0x1234. Assume that the IP header size is 20 bytes. Further, the packet is allowed to be fragmented, i.e., Don’t Fragment (DF) flag in the IP header is not set by P. Which of the following statements is/are correct?
i ➥ If the second fragment is lost, R will resend the fragment with the IP identification value 0x1234.
ii ➥ TCP destination port can be determined by analysing only the second fragment.
iii ➥ Two fragments are created at R and the IP datagram size carrying the second fragment is 620 bytes.
iv ➥ If the second fragment is lost, P is required to resend the whole TCP segment.

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Answer: III, IV
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