Computer Network Test Set 10

Computer Network Test Set 10

Q46➡ |
Which one of the following statements is FALSE?
i ➥ Packet switching leads to better utilization of bandwidth resources than circuit switching.
ii ➥ Packet switching results in less variation in delay than circuit switching.
iii ➥ Packet switching requires more per packet processing than circuit switching.
iv ➥ Packet switching can lead to reordering unlike in circuit switching

Q47➡ |
Suppose that two parties A and B wish to setup a common secret key (D-H key) between themselves using the Diffie-Hellman key exchange technique. They agree on 7 as the modulus and 3 as the primitive root. Party A chooses 2 and party B chooses 5 as their respective secrets. Their D-H key is
i ➥ 3
ii ➥ 4
iii ➥ 5
iv ➥ 6

Q48➡ |
A company has a class C network address of It wishes to have three subnets, one with 100 hosts and two with 50 hosts each. Which one of the following options represents a feasible set of subnet address/subnet mask pairs?
i ➥
ii ➥
iii ➥
iv ➥

Q49➡ |
A channel has a bit rate of 4 kbps and one-way propagation delay of 20 ms. The channel uses stop and wait protocol. The transmission time of the acknowledgement frame is negligible. To get a channel efficiency of at least 50%, the minimum frame size should be
i ➥ 80 bytes
ii ➥ 80 bits
iii ➥ 160 bytes
iv ➥ 160 bits

Q50➡ |
A network with CSMA/CD protocol in the MAC layer is running at 1 Gbps over a 1 km cable with no repeaters. The signal speed in the cable is
2 × 108 m/sec. The minimum frame size for this network should be
i ➥ 10000 bits
ii ➥ 10000 bytes
iii ➥ 5000 bits
iv ➥ 5000 bytes


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