Computer Network Test Set 7

Computer Network Test Set 7

Q31➡ |
Consider the following two statements:
S1: TCP handles both congestion and flow control
S2: UDP handles congestion but not flow control
Which of the following option is correct with respect to the above statements (S1) and (S2)?
Choose the correct answer from the code given below:
i ➥ Both S1 and S2 are correct
ii ➥ Neither S1 nor S2 is correct
iii ➥ S1 is not correct but S2 is correct
iv ➥ S1 is correct but S2 is not correct

Q32➡ |
In a system an RSA algorithm with p=5 and q=11, is implemented for data security. What is the value of the decryption key if the value of the encryption key is 27?
i ➥ 3
ii ➥ 7
iii ➥ 27
iv ➥ 40

Q33➡ |
What will be the efficiency of a Stop and Wait protocol, if the transmission time for a frame is 20ns and the propagation time is 30ns?
i ➥ 20%
ii ➥ 25%
iii ➥ 40%
iv ➥ 66%

Q34➡ |
What is the maximum number of characters (7 bits + parity ) that can be transmitted in a second on a 19.2 kbps line? This asynchronous transmission requires 1 start bit and 1 stop bit.
i ➥ 192
ii ➥ 240
iii ➥ 1920
iv ➥ 1966

Q35➡ |
The broadcast address for IP network with subnet mask is
i ➥
ii ➥
iii ➥
iv ➥


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