Computer Network Test Set 9

Computer Network Test Set 9

Q41➡ |
A serial transmission T1 uses 8 information bits, 2 start bits, 1 stop bit and 1 parity bit for each character. A synchronous transmission T2 uses 3 eight bit sync characters followed by 30 eight bit information characters. If the bit rate is 1200 bits/second in both cases, what are the transfer rates of T1 and T2?
i ➥ 100 characters/sec, 153 characters/sec
ii ➥ 80 characters/sec, 136 characters/sec
iii ➥ 100 characters/sec, 136 characters/sec
iv ➥ 80 characters/sec, 153 characters/sec

Q42➡ |
In TCP, a unique sequence number is assigned to each
i ➥ Byte
ii ➥ Word
iii ➥ Segment
iv ➥ Message

Q43➡ |
A host is connected to a Department network which is part of a University network. The University network, in turn, is part of the Internet. The largest network in which the Ethernet address of the host is unique is:
i ➥ the subnet to which the host belongs
ii ➥ the Department network
iii ➥ the University network
iv ➥ the Internet

Q44➡ |
A sender is employing public key cryptography to send a secret message to a receiver. Which one of the following statements is TRUE?
i ➥ Sender encrypts using receiver’s public key
ii ➥ Sender encrypts using his own public key
iii ➥ Receiver decrypts using sender’s public key
iv ➥ Receiver decrypts using his own public key

Q45➡ |
Which one of the following statements is FALSE?
i ➥ TCP guarantees a minimum communication rate
ii ➥ TCP ensures in-order delivery
iii ➥ TCP reacts to congestion by reducing sender window size
iv ➥ TCP employs retransmission to compensate for packet loss


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