The hypothesis formulating

The formulating hypothesis

In this tutorial, we will discuss formulating hypothesis in research.

A Hypothesis is formulated after an extensive literature survey.

The Working hypothesis is the tentative assumption, guess, or prediction about the outcome.

It is tested by collecting information that will enable us to conclude if our prediction was right.

Development of a hypothesis is important but not absolutely necessary for research. Perfectly valid research can be conducted even without developing any hypothesis.

Characteristics of hypothesis:

Characteristics of hypothesis:

The hypothesis is a tentative proposition.

It should be clear and precise.

Hypothesis provides the focal point for research.

Validity of a hypothesis is unknown.

In most cases, formulating a hypothesis specifies the logical relationship between two variables.

Hypothesis should be capable of being tested.

Must be generalizable.

Very specific and limited to the piece of research.

Bring focus, clarity, and specificity to the research study.

guide the researcher by delimiting the area of research and keeping him in the right direction.
Thus, working hypotheses arise as a result of a-priori thinking about the subject, examination of the available data and material including related studies, and the counsel of experts and interested parties. Working hypotheses are more useful when stated in precise and clearly defined terms.
It may as well be remembered that occasionally we may encounter a problem where we do not need working hypotheses, especially in the case of exploratory or formulating research that does not aim at testing the hypothesis. But as a general rule, the specification of working hypotheses is another basic step of the research process in most research problems.

An important topic related to hypotheses in your UGC NET Exam:

1.Hypothesis Testing.

2.Procedure for hypothesis testing.

3.parametric and non parametric test

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The hypothesis formulating

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