Writing Research Report

Writing Research Report

In this tutorial, we will discuss Writing Research Report in research.

Key Points:

1. Its definition ?

2. Characteristics of good research report ?

1.Its definition

1. Its definition:

It is the last stage of research process.

A research report is written document that communicate the research findings.

It is a details description of what you has been done during the period of research study, what you have discovered, what conclusion you have drawn from your finding.

Writing of report must be done with great care.

2. Characteristics of good research report:

2. Characteristics of good research report:

The report should be written in a simple, objective style.

The language should be formal, not journalistic.

The Report must be attractive in appearance, neat and clean.

The report should be written in an academic style.


No repetition of facts.

The report should describe the difficulties and shortcomings.

Researcher should be honest.


Accuracy of data.
Parametric test are used when:

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Writing Research Report

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